Plasma and Space Propulsion Lab attends UCLA's Plasma Fest Symposium


Plasma Fest is a celebration of the outstanding breadth and depth of UCLA-based research related to the fourth state of matter known as plasma. This includes space and astrophysical plasmas, fusion energy, advanced accelerators and radiation sources, plasma-materials interactions, and space propulsion. Plasma Fest was attended by faculty, students, and researchers from several departments in the Division of Physical Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (Electrical Engineering, Physics, Astrophysics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Math). UCLA is one of the few institutions worldwide that boasts such a diverse and populous plasma research community, resulting in unique opportunities for cross-field collaboration between applied math, space and astrophysics, plasma physics, and engineering, between observation, experiment, theory, and simulation.

Plasma and Space Propulsion Members presented posters and attended discussions regarding the future of plasma physics at UCLA.
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