Engineering Position Openings (Energy Innovation Laboratory)


UCLA’s Energy Innovation Lab invites Mechanical and Chemical Engineers to join our team to improve the world’s sustainable energy technologies. Our team is developing a new approach to thermal energy storage that can provide high efficiency and performance at low cost using sulfur-based storage media. Our research, supported by federal (DOE/ARPA-E), state (CEC), and industry (SoCalGas), has shown that sulfur provides highly favorable thermal storage and heat transfer capabilities. We are now preparing to demonstrate the real-world advantages of sulfur as an effective storage fluid for high temperature thermal energy storage systems. Research & Engineering project needs include: development of laboratory and demonstration/industrial scale thermal energy storage systems, thermal systems analysis, heat transfer performance analysis, and storage and containment material interactions. Before this project, sulfur’s properties in this regard have not been extensively explored; therefore, the project offers many exciting engineering and research topics and challenges.

Candidate Requirements:
We seek qualified candidates with excellent academic or industry record in the fields of mechanical and chemical engineering. Candidates with experience in thermal system design, fabrication, and operation are preferred. Candidates must have strong communication and writing skills, good time-management skills, and the ability to work in an enthusiastic and collaborative environment.

Positions are available for Project Engineers and Postdoctoral Researchers. Highly motivated Graduate Students are also of interest. This is a multi-year project with continued funding from multiple sources. Applications: Please submit your application at Please include: CV, cover letter, contact information for references (at least one) and relevant publications (if any). Deadline for applications is February 15, 2017; however, interviews will begin immediately, so applications provided well before the deadline are encouraged.

CEC site: Low- Cost Thermal Energy Storage for Dispatchable CSP